How to explain fruit cheese?
Well, fruit cheese is is made from the fruit pulp from the jelly making and is warmed up with sugar and is infused (or blended) with either Dunnet Distillery’s Rock Rose Gin or Holy Grass Vodka.

It has a much thicker consistency than jam and a stronger flavor. Traditionally it was eaten with cheese but is equally good on a pancake or scone especially if eaten with soft cheese.

Fruit Cheeses

Product NameMain FruitSecondary FruitThird FruitSugarWaterFlavour
Holy Bramble Cheese (Holy Grass Vodka)BramblesApplesnoyesyesHoly Grass Vodka
Rock Rose Gin Plum CheesePlumsApplesnoyesyesRock Rose Gin, Cardomom Pods
Damson Cheese (Rock Rose Gin)DamsonsApplesnoyesyesRock Rose Gin