Our jams are homemade by Trisha in her kitchen using recipes and ingredients are mainly grown in our polytunnels. When we don’t have enough of our own ingredients, we source fruit from other Highland suppliers.

Our range includes: Apricot Jam, Blackberry & Pear Jam, Blackcurrant Jam, Gooseberry Jam, Loganberry Jam, Plum Jam, Raspberry Jam, Rhubarb & Ginger Jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry & Gooseberry Jam, Wosterberry Jam, Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam

Jam Ingredients

Product NameMain FruitSecondary FruitWaterSugarPectin
ApricotApricot noyesyesyes
Blackberry & PearBlackberriesPearsyesyesno
BlackcurrantBlackcurrant noyesyesno
GooseberryGooseberry noyesyesno
LoganberryLoganberry nonoyesno
PlumPlum noyesyesyes
RaspberryRaspberry nonoyesyes
Raspberry & RedcurrantRaspberryRedcurrantsyesyesno
Rhubarb & GingerRhubarbGingernoyesno
StrawberryStrawberry nonoyesyes
Strawberry & GooseberryStrawberryGooseberryyesyesno
WosterberryWosterberry noyesyesno
Rhubarb North Point Spiced Rum JamRhubarbLimeyesyesNorth Point Spiced Rum,
Cardamon, Cinnamon