Christmas Pudding Box

Try a box of Trisha's homemade Christmas puddings!
  • The large Christmas pudding feeds 4 and we can fit up to 3 in a  box!
  • The small Christmas pudding feeds 1 and we can fit up to 6 in a box!
  • 2 Large and 2 small works
  • 1 large and 4 small works
  • BUT if you add any more than 3 large puddings to a box and check out, Trisha will chase you for an extra £3.50 postage! Consider yourselves warned! :-D
Ingredients: Dried fruit (raisins, currant, dates, sultanas, figs) stork margarine, sugar, milk, whole meal flour, orange, whole meal breadcrumbs, egg, brandy, mixed spice, cinnamon, nutmeg.

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